• The Role of Our Traditional Music in Contemporary Music Techniques and Musicology, 3rd Traditional Music Convention, İstanbul, 21 April 1987. Published in “Music Writings”, Ankara, 2007.

• The Out-dating and Inadequate Structure of State Musical Institutions, International Izmir Music Convention, Izmir, October 1998. Published in “Music Writings”, Ankara, 2007.

• European Music Culture and Turkey”, a specialized study. Published in “Music Writings, Ankara, 2007.

• Music Critique, Convention on Critique and Essay in Turkey, Ankara, 22 November 2001. Published in “Music Writings”, Ankara, 2007.

• Music Critique in Turkey, Symposium on Music in Turkey at the turn of 21st Century. Published in “Music Writings”, Ankara, 2007.

• Contemporery Turkish Composers and Their Styles, Fifth Congress of Turkish Culture, Ankara, May 2003. Published in “Music Writings”, Ankara, 2007.

• A General Analysis on Institutions of Musical Education in Turkey, International Music Congress, İstanbul, 31 May 2006. Published in “Music Writings”, Ankara, 2007.

• The Opening Speech, European Festivals Association (EFA) Conference, Antalya, 25 April 2008.

• Short Essay on Personal Features of Composer Akses,  Sessions organized by the State Conservatory of Kocaeli University on the 100th birth anniversary of Necil Kazim Akses, member of the Turkish Five. Izmit, 5 May 2008. Papers collected and published in a book prior to the activity, İstanbul, May 2008.

• The Composer of the Enlightenment: BEETHOVEN, essays under the heading of “Series” in Cumhuriyet (newspaper) on 8, 9, 10, 11 April, 2008.

(Ahmet Say also participated in many other activities like conferences and round-table discussions; he contributed to many newspapers and journals with about 300 writings on music, 50 of which have been published in his book “Music Writings”; he gave talks on music and literature in radio and TV programmes; he wrote numerous critiques and essays on literature.)
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